Cooking Fever game is developed byNordcurrent company. It is a mobile game in which the players engage in workfor a restaurant where they cook food forthe customers, serve them and in return earn money and gems. In order to clear higher levels of the game,the gamers need upgradation of theirrestaurant appliances that they use to make food and improvements in thekitchen features. For this purpose, they need to serve more clients and getmore money and gems in return. With this earning, they buy new appliances andupgrade their kitchens.

How to get money and gems in Cooking Fever game?

When you are playing the cookingfever game, and you gradually advance inyour game, they will reward you with money and gems in return for your efficiency while playing the game. Nowas you progress, it becomes very easy for you to earn money because withtime you open up new restaurants and serve your customers. The main problemarises when it comes to earning gemsbecause they come your way with great difficulty. For many gamers, this fact is very frustrating that even theyhave 2 to 3 restaurants open, but still,they have very few gems.

This problem is more a problem forplayers now because some different websites onthe internet offer some hacks orcheating ways that can get the players lot of gems.

Hacks for Cooking Fever to Increase your Money and Gems

This game is a little tough to play,but don’t worry it will take no morestress you out because here are some of the most effective and popular hacks that gamers can use to get an unlimited amount of money and gems by usingthem.

Use Airplane Mode

If you are using the iOS device,then this hack will work wonders for you. You justsimply have to activate your airplanemode. After activating this mode, go tothe setting and uncheck the ‘set automatically’ option. Here you will changethe date by setting it one day forward to what that day actually is.

After doing this, open theapplication and press the ‘ok’ button. Again, open the setting option and again move it by one day forward. This will be repeated for multiple times,unless or until you get the number of gems in cooking fever game that you want.

Download Cheat Engine

Another amazing and easy to use a hackto increase the number of gems and amount of money in your cooking fever gameis to download the ‘Cheat Engine.’ Youwill be able to download it only and if only you are using Android Emulator onyour personal computer.

After downloading it successfully onyour computer windows, you will be guidedabout settings. Now as you do the settings, you can start earning money andgems in your game.

Download SB Game Hacker/Killer

Similar to the cheat engine, you candownload SB game Hacker/Killer to get maximum gems and money from your cokingfever game. You can simply google it todownload the free version. Also, they will ask you to fill in some formal information after which you can startusing it. It is quite similar to the cheat engine, with the difference that itis used for mobile phone only while the former isused for personal computers only.

Improve your Experience points

Experience points or XP can also helpyou get a lot of gems and money. When you advance in your level of experience,you get at least two gems in reward.  Now as you will grow in this, the number of gems will also maximize. At maximum, you will start getting seven gems per level increase in the game. Thegamers must try their best to advance one level each day so that they can get maximum out of this hack.

Play Casino after Each Game

Just after finishing your cookinggame every day, try to play casino. It is veryinteresting and at the same time helps you get gems. You just have to bet your $500, and you will get 15 gems in return. Imagine howmuch you will get if you win a couple of bets. So, try this hack it works verywell and quick.


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