Cooking Fever Hack 2019 (Android & iOS)

Cooking fever is an amazing game that is not only played for enjoyment, but it offers many learning opportunities to the players. Included in it is the time management that the player tries to do in this game. It helps the player learn how to manage time while working under pressure. As compared to other cooking games, the cooking fever game stands out from others regarding its upgradation after every few months; it’s amazing and bright visual effects and actions.

Top Cooking Fever Hack

Basically, in this game, you have to make a different type of food items and serve them in front of customers within a certain time limit. If you fail to serve at the right time, you will lose a customer and fail to generate enough coins and gems to reach the next level. This game is not as simple and easy as it is explained. Many people find difficulty in time management and in their coins and gem earnings. For those people, we are here with few cooking fever game hacks that you can use to earn more and more coins and gems.

  1. Prepare Your Food Quickly

The first hack to win coins and gems in your cooking fever game is to make your food very quickly. It should be fully ready even before customers start coming to your restaurant. It is a good option because the customers never complain about the food that is already made, but they do feel bad when they get their food late. Even if you have made it 5 hours ago or maybe 2 minutes ago, you will get the same amount f money and gems in return. But when you give late delivery, it is going to cut down a lot of coins. So, make sure you make your food at the right time by starting work earlier than the arrival of your customers.

As far as drinks are concerned, they refill automatically, so you do not need to worry about that. So, focus just on food items that take time in preparation to reduce the time of delivery and earn lots of gems and coins.

  1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

The second hack that you can use to get lots of gems and coins in cooking fever game is to upgrade your kitchen. This opportunity is available right from the first level of the game. The mistake that most of the player make is that they only care about saving coins and do not bother about upgrading their kitchen. In the long run, this results in the quick use of their coins as their kitchen is not upgraded enough to cook food quickly. Therefore, it is very important to sue this hack for the early graduation of your kitchen rather than waiting for high levels and get into serious trouble.

  1. Replay Complete Levels

Another important hack that you can use to get more and more coins and gems are to go back to your levels and replay your low levels again and again. By doing this, you can earn lots of gems and coins from these low levels that you can use to upgrade your kitchen and even the whole restaurant. Not only the gems and coins, but this practice will also help you get to experience along with bonus coins and gems and even you can earn gold stars. So, try this hack also if you are struggling with some coins and gems in your game.

  1. Increase Food Prices

Another hack that you can use to earn more gems and coins is to increase the price of your food. It is a great strategy that you can follow to pace up your coin deposition. Although customers do not like this act, but still they will have to pay if your increase. So, try this hack also from time to time.

  1. Understand Mood of Your Customers

Being the owner of your restaurant, your duty is not just to take care of gaining gems and earn coins; you must also take care of the mood of your customers. This care and affection will indirectly help you earn gems and coins. You have to be careful about what mood your customer is in. If the customer is happy and satisfied, then it is not alarming for you, but if you see them sad and angry, then your cooking fever game is in danger. You can make them happy by dealing with them nicely, by giving them the table they like to sit, etc.

These are the five simple hacks for cooking fever game. You must use these hacks to become champion of this game. They are very basic and just need practice and proper attention for success. Maybe you will not find it easy in the start, but surely you will learn them and get great benefit from all these hacks.

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